7 Best Battery for Ford F150 In 2020 {Reviews}

best battery for ford f150
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The Ford 150 has an appealing look and outstanding qualities that make it unique. An efficient battery is the beauty of any vehicle, so the type of battery used should be spill-proof and durable. It should not harm the vehicle's electronics and function correctly under harsh weather conditions.

There are varieties of batteries that suit different engines as per their performance and capabilities as a battery is expected to supply power to the vehicle with massive loading capacities and advanced features, so it becomes necessary to understand the characteristics of battery before buying. This battery is a powerhouse, and hence you should buy the best battery for ford f150.

Why do you need the best battery for your Ford F-150

Batteries play an essential role in the efficient working of advanced and powerful vehicles. The battery's features are regularly upgraded so they can be useful as the engine and support the vehicle's functionality. It is an essential component of F-150 that is responsible for engine start-up and proper operation of different electrical components.

Ford F-150 is a pickup truck that caters to the different load requirements. Using the best battery enhances the engine's performance and necessary for continuous and successful vehicle's operation. The selection of a battery depends on various factors that depend on the mechanism and characteristics of the engine.

The right battery gives extra power to your F-150 so it can survive in extreme weather and helps you drive long distances. F-150 requires more power, so the battery should support the higher amp needed for the engine. The battery should recharge fast so it can be more reliable and powerful.

Type of battery for Ford F-150

F-150 has a heavy-duty engine, and thus the vehicle requires a reliable battery. Choosing the right battery is vital for the continuous and successful performance of F-150 trucks. Usually, heavyweight batteries are not the ideal choice for these trucks, and all batteries are not created the same. Thus finding the appropriate battery is essential to ensure optimal performance of F-150. The three different types of battery for the Ford F-150 are:

  • Lead-A​cid

These types of batteries are common for trucks and feature an acid and lead combination storing the electric charge. The category of these batteries includes wet-cell batteries, and these are also known as flooded batteries, which are the affordable options available in the market.


Lithium-ion batteries are high-performance batteries and have high energy storage than conventional batteries. This excellent quality battery can last for ten years. These batteries are of minimal size and compact in size. Lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive.


Because of recharge and discharge efficiency, AGM batteries are popular. The electrolyte solution is placed near to the metal plates. AGM is more sustainable, as most parts are recyclable.

Top 7 Picks of The best battery for Ford f150 In 2020

​#1) Odyssey PC925L Automotive Light Truck Battery- Best Battery for a ford f150

Ford F-150 is loaded with more electronics than would be imaginable a few years ago, and ODYSSEY batteries are designed to cater to the needs of modern-day vehicles.

For the best ford F-150 battery performance, the Odyssey beats all odds, and it is the ideal and among the best ford f-150 battery.

The pure virgin lead plates allow packing in more plates, and more plates mean more surface area, which results in much more power.

The power is three times the life of other batteries and twice the overall power. The battery has amazing cycling capability and rapid recovery with the high starting power. The battery ensures faster recharge than conventional batteries.

This incredibly impressive battery provides 330 cold-cranking amps, so it starts your vehicle with ease. The four-year warranty, along with a 3-10 year service life, means that the battery will work a considerable amount of time. The non-spillage design and protection against shock and vibration mean you have a powerful solution to all the battery problems. This battery will perform in harsh weather conditions too.

Highlighted Features

  • 330 CCA, 610 HCA and 480 MCA
  • 900 Cranking Amps for 5 Seconds
  • -40° F to 140° F Temperature Range
  • 53 Minutes of Reserve Capacity
  • 77° F 400 @ 100% DOD Cycle Life



  • ​Fast recharge
  • ​Superior cranking
  • ​Vibration resistance
  • ​Mounting Flexibility
  • ​Extreme temperature tolerance
  • ​Bit costly

​#2) Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery- Another Best Batteries for Ford F150

Optima 8040-218 D 35 batteries are appropriate for modern electronic accessory loaded vehicles. The battery has a high cranking power, besides fast rechargeability.

The YellowTop can bounce back repeatedly from power drains to full power capacity, so it can provide energy to plenty of electronics and ignite time after time. The battery has a low internal resistance, and thus it offers consistent power output along with fast recharge.

The battery produces up to 12 Volts and a high crank power. It can be recharged in a short time, enabling you to get enough charge power to your vehicle.

​The battery powers all the electronic devices in your F-150 and does not spill. It can be mounted in any position and is resistant to extreme temperatures. The primary reason that makes it the best is that it generates the correct amount of power that is needed by the vehicle. The battery does not require any maintenance and saves your money.

Highlighted Features

  • Product dimensions: 9.4 by 6.8 by 7.7 inches
  • Item weight: 36.4 pounds
  • Voltage: 12 volts



  • ​Spillage and vibration resistant
  • ​High temperature resistant
  • ​Requires no maintenance
  • ​Low discharge rate
  • ​High starting power
  • ​As the battery uses AGM technology, charging needs to be done carefully to protect the battery from any damage

​#3) Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

This is a powerful battery that meets the power requirements of the ford f-150. Even if you live in the coldest areas, this battery serves the best.

Odyssey 65-PC1750T has a cold crank amp power of 950 and has no issues with engine starting even if you live in colder regions. The space-saving design makes it perfect for your vehicle. It is lightweight and makes it ideal if you need a battery for F-150.

​It can be mounted in any position and is spill-proof along with vibration resistance means you have the perfect power accessory for your Ford F-150.

The battery has a 70 percent longer cycle life as compared to conventional batteries. It has 80 percent depth of discharge up to 400 cycles. It has a high stable voltage for a specific time. The battery has high recharge efficiency and capable of 100 percent recharge in 4-6 hours.

Highlighted Features

  • Item weight 58 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 14.9 by 10.7 by 10.1 inches
  • Cold Crank Amp (CCA)- 950
  • Reserve Capacity Minutes:145



  • ​High temperatures tolerant
  • ​Vibration resistant
  • ​Flexible mounting
  • ​Longer shelf life
  • ​Fast recharge
  • ​None

​#4 ACDelco 65AGMHR Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 65 Battery

When it comes to ford f-150 batteries, the ACDelco 65AGMHR is an excellent option to consider. The most important feature is its generated power that your vehicle needs for starting.

In case you are facing starting power problems with Ford F-150, then this battery is an appropriate choice for your beast. Battery is vibration resistant, which in turn enhances its service life, thus giving you value for money. It serves for a longer time.

​This battery is sealed to protect the electronic equipment of your vehicle present in the engine's bay, and it is resistant to tampering. The corrosion-resistant terminals increase the conductivity as well as the performance of any battery. So you can never go wrong if you choose this battery for your f-150.

Highlighted Features

  • Item weight: 45.8 pounds
  • Corrosion-free terminals
  • Number of items per package: 1
  • Item dimensions: 11.8 by 7,5 by 7.4 inches
  • Longer service life
  • Vibration resistant



  • ​Backed with warranty coverage
  • ​No water required
  • ​No maintenance
  • ​No spills
  • ​None

​#5) 35 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima 35 Red Top battery is a fashionable and lightweight AGM battery. It features a 'spiral-wound' cells technology that has leak-proof design, high vibration resistance, high CCA and MCA, and faster recharging.

Optima 35 RedTop battery is used in Ford F-150, RVs, cars, boats, etc. This reliable and robust battery has excellent RC value but cannot be used in deep cycle applications.

​This is SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) starting battery,

​which is designed to provide significant energy bursts for a short time. Thus it is used as a starting battery only. This battery weighs 31.7 pounds, and it is one of the lightest lead-acid batteries. It is essential to measure the battery compartment first before buying this battery because, in some cases, it showed a measurement difference, which is almost negligible.

It is a maintenance-free battery that comes with a polypropylene case and SAE terminal posts. It has a dark gray color case with a red cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Cold Cranking Amps: 720
  • 15 times more vibration-resistant
  • Reserve Capacity @25 Amps: 90 Minutes
  • C20 Capacity: 44 Ah



  • ​Mountable in virtually any position
  • ​Optimal starting power
  • ​Up to 3X longer life
  • ​Maintenance-free
  • ​Some batteries showed a deeper discharge cycle than average

​#6) NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65

The NorthStar Pure Lead AGM technology battery provides the quick starting each time you ignite the Ford f-150 beast. This maintenance-free battery cycles 400 times to 80 percent depth of discharge.

The battery ensures faster recharge than conventional batteries. The battery construction makes use of plastic housing with anti-corrosion property and heat resistance. You need to check water levels after mounting this durable battery.

​The battery has a faster recharge rate than conventional batteries, and the internal resistance is almost 3.8m?/250c. It has a swift starting time and cycles close to 400 times. The battery has excellent reserve energy that can last for 115 minutes. It comes with a four-year replacement warranty for parts.

The cranking amp is 1260A, and a fully charged battery can last for approximately 20 hours. It is heat and corrosion-resistant and withstands extreme weather conditions. It has an SAE type of terminal configuration.

Highlighted Features

  • Terminal configuration: SAE
  • CCA rating at -18°C (0°F): 740 A
  • Reserve Capacity: 115 min
  • Internal resistance: 3.8 mΩ @ 25°C (77°F)
  • Pulse cranking amps: 1260 A
  • CA/MCA rating at 0°C (32°F): 880 A
  • Capacity – 20-hour rate, 60 Ah



  • ​The OEM fit is ensured
  • ​Quick starting every time
  • ​Fast recharge time than conventional batteries
  • ​Bit costly

#7) Deka 9A47 AGM Intimidator Battery

This battery is ideal for your Ford F-150 providing high-performance and designed especially for back road rugged adventures. Deka battery offers a vibration protection performance, and it is a premium and maintenance-free battery. It has a fast recharging time and has a leak-proof design.

The battery is made to handle electronics of your f-150. It has a longer life cycle and high endurance. The battery works perfectly in tough conditions and most intense power demands.

The non-spillage design and protection against shock and vibration mean you have a powerful solution to all the battery problems. The corrosion-resistant terminals increase the conductivity and the performance of any battery.

Highlighted Features

  • Maximizes current transfer
  • over the battery's life
  • Fortified posts, straps, and welds
  • Advanced durability design
  • Resists vibration damage



  • ​from exposed wire
  • ​Prevents electrical shorts
  • ​Withstands severe service demands
  • ​The enhanced electrolyte suspension system
  • Micro-porous glass separators prevent acid spills
  • ​None
best ford f150 battery

Consider the following things before You Buy a Best Battery for Ford F-150

Battery plays a vital role in the vehicle's operation as it provides the ignition power, and therefore, it is essential to choose the right battery. Below are the factors that you must consider before buying the battery for your Ford F-150.

  • Durability

It is necessary to ensure that you get value for money when choosing a battery for your vehicle. The battery should serve long and optimally. All the batteries have different life spans, so ensure that the battery for your Ford F-150 should have a longer lifespan.

  • Maintenance

It is essential to look for the future when buying a battery so that you can prepare amicably. Some batteries require maintenance more often to operate optimally while some do not. Maintenance services are not free and add extra cost, so choose the battery that serves your interest effectively. The batteries which require maintenance have affordable price while others are costly. It is advisable to buy an expensive battery that does not require maintenance, so you don't have to spend additional money on its maintenance.

  • Recharging Time

The battery should take less time to recharge, and it will be ideal for emergencies. While buying a battery, consider the time required to recharge the battery. Do not buy the battery that discharges fast as it will be troublesome for you a far from home.

Buy the battery whose reserve capacity is high. It is the measurement of time that is required to discharge the fully charged battery at 25 amps before the voltage is reduced to 10.5.

  • Resistance Capabilities

Car batteries have to face the harsh climate at times as people have to travel to different places that have varying temperatures. Your vehicle performance is affected by the vibrations, and components of batteries may spill because of these vibrations.

So, look at the resistance power of the battery when you are going to purchase it. The battery that is resistant to factors like low and high temperatures, spillage, vibrations, and long life is the perfect choice for your Ford F-150.

  • Strength

Another critical factor that should be considered while buying a battery is its powerful strength. The batteries produce different powers, and a battery that provides high ignition power is perfect for your F-150 and gives ultimate driving experience. Look at the voltage rating of the battery before buying the one.

  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

CCA is a cold-weather metric, and it denotes the number of amperes discharge1.2V for thirty seconds at 0°F. Make sure that the CCA rating is high because the higher it is, the better is the battery. It means you can comfortably kick start in the coldest weather conditions.

  • Ampere Rating

Ampere rating is the measure of energy flow in amperes over one hour. This rating is vital for the efficient and successful use of the battery. The rating set is 60-70 Ah for ford f-150.

  • Position and Type of Battery

Popularity of these vehicles depends on the location positive terminal of the battery. There is a risk to short when the positive terminal gets in touch with metal shell of the car. So it is important to check the side of its positive terminal.

  • Previous Experience

Self-experience is the best experience, and when you need to buy a battery, you should consider it the most. A battery that served you longer without any issues is preferable. You can ask your friends about their experience with a particular battery and make a further decision.

  • Warranty

Warranty is an essential and critical factor for known brands. For lesser known brands, the warranty is a honey trap, and you should be aware of the truth.


  • How to increase the lifespan of the Ford F150 battery?

Whenever you buy a battery, make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions and carry out the preventive maintenance services, such as the addition of distilled water and ensuring that the plates are covered. The batteries must be stored in a dry and cool place as the contents of a battery may damage when exposed to high temperatures.

  • How to know that f-150 needs a battery replacement?

The first sign of a battery replacement requirement is that your vehicle will fail to start because this battery is responsible for providing ignition power. There may be various other reasons that may create hindrance, but it is advisable to consult the mechanic. In case the terminals of your beast F-150 are broken, then you have to visit the battery shop.

  • How to know the Ford F150 battery that you are buying is new?

Knowing that we are purchasing a new battery is an important call because a new battery serves for a considerable time. Look at the side of your battery, and you will see all the required information about the battery. However, the manufacturing date is not usually labeled. The year is marked with '0' standing for the year' 2000', and the months are named in order with 'A' standing for January. However, the alphabet I is skipped so the month of December is denoted by M.

Final Words

Although all the fantastic batteries fit every F-150 applications, you should consider the type of application and location before buying the battery for your F-150. Buy the one with excellent Ah rating, reserve capacity when your beast demands more than driving. Carefully select the right configuration and balance with a price.

With the ever-evolving mechanism, it becomes essential to know the details of the engines for selecting the appropriate battery. It is important to choose batteries that are suitable for a particular vehicle. Before buying the one, always consult the owner's manual for more information so you can choose the best battery for ford f150.

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