7 Best Brake Pads for Ford f150 4×4 to Purchase in 2020

Best Brake Pads for Ford f150 4x4s
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Very similar to how your respiratory system depends on the healthy functioning of your lungs, the performance of your Ford F150 vehicle also depends on the operation of its brake pads.  Brake pads are indeed a critical component in any vehicle.

If you own a Ford F150 4x4 and are seeking the most value out of your automobile, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not have a set of high-performance brake pads for your vehicle. Lucky for you, if you are looking for the best brake pads for Ford f150 4x4, you have definitely come to the right place! Read on to find out more about the seven best braking pads you can buy in 2020 for your Ford truck, along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide as well.

What Type of Brake Pads for Ford F150 4x4 Should You Buy?

It is common knowledge that brake pads are an integral component of a Ford F150’s (or any other vehicle for that matter!) braking system.

There are primarily four types of brake pads you can buy for your Ford F150 vehicle— non-asbestos organic (NAO), semi-metallic, ceramic, and low-metallic NAO. It is vital that you know which exact type is better suited to your automobile.

  • Ceramic: Most expensive brake pads but produce less noise and are cleaner than other types
  • Semi-Metallic: These brake pads are about 30-65 % metal and very durable. However, they are much louder than other materials and do not function too well in low temperatures.
  • Non-Asbestos Organic: Such brake pads typically comprise organic materials, including glass, rubber, fiber, and Kevlar. These brake pads are quiet but can wear out much quicker and generate a large volume of brake dust.
  • Low-metallic NAO: These brake pads are noisy and to let loose too much brake dust. However, the steel or copper in these brake pads assists with heat breaking and transfer, and braking.

(More on the different materials will be covered later in this article)

Brake Pads for Ford f150 4x4

Top 7 Best Brake Pads for Ford F150 4x4 in 2020

The following are the cream of the crop when it comes to the best brake pads available in the market for your Ford F150 4X4.

#1) Bosch BC1414 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set For Ford Expedition

When it comes to the best brake pads for Ford F150, the Bosch BC1414 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is right at the top of our list (and for a good reason as well!).

The Bosch engineering division has made use of premium materials in these brake pads to ensure low noise operation with minimal dust and excellent stopping power for your Ford F150! Furthermore, another great feature of the Bosch BC1414 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is its rubber core multilayer shim that offers even more insulation against noise and increased strength as well.

In addition, the brake pads also boast a protective transfer layer that considerably extends the rotor and pad life while making sure they last for a very long time before you need to replace them.

Moreover, these incredible Bosch brake pads make use of semi-metallic friction and copper-free ceramic. That makes them fully compliant with the copper-free legislation of 2025. Another noteworthy quality about these brake pads is their efficient ability to handle airflow and heat while bettering friction to quickly stop your FORD F150 vehicle.

Whether you drive up steep hills, tow or haul boats, these exceptional brake pads can easily handle the pressure that you put on them (and then some!) owing to their amazing quality.

Highlighted Features
  • Extremely durable brake pads
  • Maintains superior standard in the industry
  • Very quiet operation with minimal noise
  • Low dust creation

#2) Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit

The Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit has great brake pads for your Ford F150 automobile. In fact, some users consider them to be one of the best brake pads for Ford f150.  This kit is a combination of brake pads and brake rotors that you should definitely consider for your vehicle.

The manufacturers used special Z36 carbon-fiber ceramic formula to make these brake pads, which makes sure that you have the best possible stopping power without needing to compromise the drivability of your Ford vehicle. The ceramic formula also provides top quality and reliability in minimizing dust and noise. Hence, you will no longer experience any irritating noise, and dust clogging in your wheels will not be a problem, courtesy to the Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit. This formula also provides increased braking power that helps bring your vehicle to a stop promptly.

The brake pads are also very easy to install and handle heat very effectively with the enhanced design of disk brakes. The slotted and drilled rotors play a pivotal role in reducing heat. This keeps the brake temperature of your F-150 down during rather extreme conditions.

This Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front Brake Kit is probably the best consideration for you if you would like a complete replacement of brake pads, shims and disk brakes. Everything is included in the packaging, so you do not have to buy any item separately.

Highlighted Features
  • Silicone lubricant
  • High-temperature EPDM rubber
  • DTV tolerance
  • Plated perfection

#3) Detroit Axle - Complete 4WD 6-LUG FRONT & REAR Brake Kit Rotors & Ceramic Brake Kit Pads

There is no denying that manufacturers create the Detroit Axle brake pads and rotors as per the original equipment standards, and these brake pads provide exemplary stopping performance for your Ford F150 vehicle.

This Detroit Axle - Complete 4WD 6-LUG FRONT & REAR Brake Kit is a comprehensive kit that comes with two front pads, two rear pads, two front rotors, and two rear rotors. Coupled with the breaking pads, you also get a fluid bottle and cleaner spray. Furthermore, six lug pieces provide a smooth operation process and simple installation.

In addition, these brake pads are made from 100 percent authentic ceramic and do not include a metallic composition at all. That makes them resistant against mechanical wear and tear during usage. Moreover, these Detroit Axle brake pads (along with everything else included in the packaging) come with a stellar 10-year warranty, which is very impressive!

Another premium feature is the zinc dichromate plating that serves to provide protection against rust.

Highlighted Features
  • Rust protection
  • Ten-year warranty
  • 0 percent metallic composition
  • Impressive stopping power

#4) Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit

The Power Stop K6268-36 Z36 Truck and Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit is an inclusive package that includes rotors, braking pads, brake lubricant and pin bushings.

The ceramic brake pads included are top quality ones that emit about 30 percent less dust compared to conventional pads (which is truly quite amazing!). When ceramic combines with carbon-fiber, it provides enhanced durability and strength, which is exactly what we expect from our FORD F150 braking pads.

Low dust makes sure that your vehicle wheels appear to be at their best all the time, specifically as the rotors’ rounded slots also clear all gas and debris. Braking will always be more accurate and smooth when the contact remains continuous like this, and smooth braking leads to an enjoyable riding experience in your Ford truck!

These brake pads are ideally suited for off-road enthusiasts who like to drive their Ford F150 4X4 through rough and mountainous terrain often. Additionally, the stainless steel shims help to keep the brakes cool and make driving down steep creeks and hills a very effortless experience.

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality zinc and stainless steel construction (rotors)
  • Heavy-duty application for excessive use
  • Low dust emission
  • Highly durable

#5) 4WD Only Approved Performance F15876 - [Front & Rear Kit]

The 4WD Only Approved Performance F15876 - [Front & Rear Kit] is most likely your best bet if you are looking for a major replacement of both the brake pads and brake rotors of your Ford F150 vehicle. The brake pads comprise hybrid ceramic materials and carbon fiber. Both are top quality and extremely durable materials that will last for a considerably long time before wearing down. Keep in mind that ceramic pads such as these for your Ford F150 are not light on the pocket! However, they are well worth their price tag owing to their maximum convenience and safety.

Furthermore, there is an integration of CF3 technology in the brake pads with no adhesives (petroleum-based) in order to uplift friction so your Ford automobile can stop quickly. The pads will not stick to your Ford wheels accidentally when it is time for you to press the car pedals. 

Another benefit of these brake pads is that they do not yield too much noise with a minimum amount of dust if you are in the habit of frequently driving your Ford F150 4X4 on gravel paths and roads. However, it is not advised that you buy these pads if you want to use your vehicle for heavy-duty hauling.

Highlighted Features
  • Noise-free operation
  • No modifications  needed for installation
  • Long life
  • Less dust

#6) Wagner ThermoQuiet QC833 Ceramic Disk Pad Set

If you are looking for one of the quietest (as the name suggests) and most efficient braking pads for your Ford F150 vehicle, the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC833 Ceramic Disk Pad Set is the one that you should get.

They are 15 percent more powerful and 35 percent quieter than brake pads available at the standard price, which is quite remarkable!

Made from a ceramic formula, the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC833 Ceramic brake pads are very durable and will last for a very long time. They are also very economical, which is quite surprising given the pads’ premium quality and features! Furthermore, with these brake pads, you do not have to concern yourself dusty wheels that result from driving your Ford F150 on gravel paths. That is because the ceramic design effectively repels dust instead of attracting it.

In addition, these Wagner quality pads are able to endure extreme temperatures and can dissipate heat extremely well. You do not have to sweat at all when applying the brakes. That’s because you no longer have old, non-responsive brakes! Just ensure you match these pads with the brake disk. You need not worry about compatibility if you are purchasing these brake pads for your Ford F150 truck.

Highlighted Features
  • Very quiet operation compared to regular pads
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Dust-free
  • Very economical

#7) Bosch BP1012 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set

The Bosch BP1012 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set certainly deserves a spot on the list of the best brake pads for a Ford F150 vehicle.

Each of these pads features a shim with a rubber core and a multilayer of steel to boost is durability and strength. Furthermore, the pads have been pressure and heat cured and can insulate very effectively against noise and vibration. The splendid noise insulation and low cost are two of the top reasons why you should buy the Bosch BP1012 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set.

Highlighted Features
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Insulating and durable shims
  • Fantastic stopping power
Best Brake Pads for Ford f150

Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Brake Pads for Ford F150

Buying brake pads for your Ford F150 can prove to be quite a challenging task if you are not very experienced in brake pad selections. It is important that you choose them wisely, bearing in mind their quality, safety and reliability. Read on to learn about the important things that you ought to consider before buying Ford F150 brake pads.

First of all, as brake pads come in several different varieties, they are contingent on your driving habits. Hence, it is important to first check how you are using your Ford F150 vehicle.

  • For Racing

You need high-performance brake pads if you plan on using your Ford F150 for racing purposes. These pads are often the semi-metallic types with their heavy-duty applications and sheer strength. They are effectively able to handle very high temperatures as well.

  • Hauling or Towing

You need incredibly high-performance brake pads if you plan on using your Ford F150 for hauling or towing. Carbon fibers combined with ceramic are suitable for hauling or towing applications. It is also vital to note the pads’ thickness prior to purchasing them. It is best that you choose semi-metallic brake pads as these are ideal for any Ford towing application.

  • Day to day Commuting

You might want to choose organic or ceramic formula brake pads for daily driving habits. This might include driving your Ford vehicle in your local neighborhood where there are red lights at every other corner. Such pads are very quiet and smooth but also offer you lasting quality.

  • Off-Road Driving:

When you are driving your Ford vehicle on off-road paths, you want a strong performing braking system that can resist dust.  Carbon fibers plus ceramic formula is appropriate for this particular application.

  • Types of Materials

Apart from driving habits, it is also crucial to consider the types of materials brake pad manufacturers use to make the pads. You should opt for the material that best suits your Ford F150 needs.

  • Ceramic

The ceramic formula is undoubtedly a very popular choice of Ford brake pad manufacturers, owing to its high durability and strength. Furthermore, ceramic offers a unique capability to handle very extreme temperatures, provide less noise and less dust. When driving your Ford on off-roads, the ceramic will make sure that you have cleaner wheels after your journey.

However, keep in mind that ceramic formula is quite expensive as a material for brake pads, and it is also not ideal for racing or heavy-duty applications. One of the best things about ceramic is less heat fade and a quicker recovery after stopping your Ford truck!

  • Organic Brake Pads

Organic pads comprise several materials like carbon-fibers, fiberglass, glass and rubber. Such pads provide terrific performance but do not exceed that of ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads.

However, organic brake pads are not as noisy as semi-metallic, do not put too much stress on the motors, and are cheaper to buy than both semi-metallic and ceramic formulas.

A considerable drawback of organic pads is they wear out too fast, so you will have to replace them more often in your Ford F150 vehicle. Furthermore, they have a tendency to overheat at very high temperatures, and it is not recommended that you use organic brake material for heavy-duty applications.

  • Semi-Metallic

Semi-metallic is a very good material to consider for your Ford F150 brake pads if you use your vehicle for heavy-duty applications like towing, hauling, and street performance. However, in contrast to ceramic, semi-metallic is less durable and noisier. Furthermore, it does not perform well when it comes to resisting dust that accumulates on you Ford’s wheels.

Carbon fiber and the ceramic formula is probably the ideal material for your F150’s braking pads if you are fond of cleaner wheels. However, compared to ceramic, semi-metallic brake pads are far more economical to buy and are possibly the best cheap material available. Furthermore, semi-metallic material is perfect for colder climates and does not let rotors to wear too quickly.

Best ford f150 Brake Pads


  • Can You Change Brake Pads Easily on Your Ford F150?

Upgrading the brake pads on your Ford F150 is a very easy job if you know your way around your automobile and its parts. Just ensure that you have the correct tools available at your disposal. This way, it barely takes more than an hour to change the brake pads.

If you feel uncertain or uneasy, it is probably in your best interest to engage the services of professionals to change the brake pads. Keep in mind that this may cost you a bit!

  • How do Brake Pads Work?

The brake system comprises a caliper with brake pads on both sides. The rotor’s edge is right between the caliper, and it spins as the automobile moves. As the person driving the vehicle puts pressure on the brake pedal, the calipers clutch the rotor until the latter stops rotating. That is what brings your car to a stop.

On its edge, every brake pad features friction material, either riveted on or bonded by adhesive. It is exactly these rough edges that come in contact with the rotor that makes the caliper clutch tightly.

  • Are the Front Brake Pads of Your Ford F150 Universal, Can you Fit them on Your Vehicle’s either Side?

No! The design slightly varies, and you need to look for the R or L imprint to make sure you put them on the right side of your vehicle. Likewise, rear and front brake pads are different, so it is important to ensure that you order and fit the right braking kit.

Final Words

So there is it is- our top seven picks for the best brake pads for Ford F150 4x4 along with a detailed buyer’s guide and FAQ section. It is important that you go through all the reviews of all the aforementioned brake pads and study their key features as well to select one that best aligns with your needs and budget. If you need to replace the brake pads for your Ford F150 immediately, do it as soon as possible so that you do not damage any other parts of your vehicle.

Furthermore, be sure to peruse the buyer’s guide to help you with the selection of the best brake pads for your Ford truck. Keep in mind that it always pays to thoroughly research your options prior to purchasing something as important as brake pads for your automobile.

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