Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Reviews 2020

best exhaust system for dodge ram 1500 hemi
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​The Dodge RAM 1500 Hemi is a masterpiece and one of the most reliable Dodge Ram systems. It is sturdy, and you love the delightful hum of this great piece of equipment. No matter what makes it unique to you, it can still be upgraded to attain its full potential.

This is not a tough task, and all you can do is replacing the current stock exhaust to bring out its powerful performance. If you are looking to customize it with the best exhaust system for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi that can enhance your driving experience, we are here to help you out.

Types of Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

Upgrading your exhaust system improves performance and sound. More in-depth exhaust notes are created with aggressive muffler and broader pipes. This alone is enough to make you smile while pushing the pedal down, and all the heads will turn towards you for sure. Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi commonly uses a cat-back exhaust system.

This offers speed, sound and improves lifespan to your Ram 1500. This up-gradation is one of the best things you can do with this giant beast. You can also purchase full exhaust kits; however, you can opt for this upgrade too.

Many other modifications can improve the power performance of your truck. Still, the foremost is to upgrade the exhaust system to maximize the airflow of the engine so that your Ram can give the maximum power. A cat-back exhaust is appropriate for you if your vehicle requires a catalytic converter for passing emission tests. If you want your car to be superior on-road and you are working with a budget, then the cat-back exhaust is the right choice.

An aftermarket cat-back exhaust system is one of the rewarding upgrades. The excitement maximizes when the aggressive notes combine with other updates giving maximum advantages.

Top 8 Picks of the Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

​#1) Borla 140307 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

The product increases the performance of your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi, and the increased velocity boosts the power system of the engine.

If you think that the best Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 exhaust system has expensive maintenance, then this brand is perfect for changing your perception. The multi-core technology unleashes propulsion and saves fuel. Your Dodge Ram gets a luxury look with the installation of this exhaust system as it is a through-bumper system. This product is made of superior quality stainless steel, and high quality Borla logo is its identity. The product resists damage from rusting.

Borla exhaust system provides increased exhaust velocity that enhances driving excitement and fuel economy. The multi-core, straight through and patented technology unleashes the hidden horsepower. The high quality material gives the best in durability and performance. The power and flows maximize with the ultra-smooth mandrel bends, and computer-controlled manufacturing gives an accurate fit.

The piping diameter of this exhaust system is 3, 2.5 inches, along with a split rear exit. It features a rolled angle single round cut style tip of 5inches x 15.25 inches. This is a through-bumper exhaust, so it makes the vehicle look attractive.

Highlighted features

  • Premium stainless steel.
  • Through-bumper exhaust
  • Weighs 53 pounds
  • Exit split rear.
  • 3, 2.5" piping diameter
  • Round angled single cut at the tip.


  • ​Attractive
  • ​High-quality
  • ​Easy installation


  • ​Heavyweight

​#2) Mufflex DOD14M 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 2019 Ram Classic Dual Exhaust Retro-fit

Mufflex standard dual exhaust leaves no stone unturned to impress you. The rumbling of this system surely impresses everyone like the sound of power 100.1 Db is produced. This great deal of power should not be missed.

This high quality product takes few minutes to serve your Dodge Ram. The installation is easy, as it is bolt-on. The maximum installation time can be one and a half hours. It comes with the potent connectors and clamps, and the hardware makes your work easy. You will require bolts during its installation because of the strong performance of this system. Take tailpipes and spacer out than re-install and seal with the silicone.

Rust-resistance is a vital thing to consider when it comes to vehicle's part because of which many exhaust systems have a lesser life. But this is not the case in this exhaust system as it is made of 409 stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and makes the exhaust system stronger. It produces an aggressive, loud, and great tone with perfect rumble and sound. It is louder than that of a stock system, especially when the resonators are removed. The idle and cruising tones are much quieter. It increases gas mileage and better throttle response.

Highlighted Features

  • It weighs 25 pounds.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Metallic finish
  • High rumbling sound
  • Top-quality clamps


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Assured warranty


  • ​Installation requires bolts knowledge

​#3) Flowmaster 817568

Give a treat to your beast with this masterpiece. This kit gives a deep aggressive sound which levels from outside as well as inside.

The product is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you need not worry about the durability of this exhaust system. High racing technology is involved in its manufacturing, making it heavy-duty. The instruction manual that comes with the kit is easy to understand. So you do not require the experts' team for installation. This exhaust system is compatible with dynamo tuning for a fantastic performance.

The attractive, stylish, and elegant exhaust system has a black muffler. The ceramic coating ensures additional protection and durability, and the product is made from high-grade stainless steel and assembled with MIG welding. It features a lifetime warranty. The system enhances horsepower and torque, increasing the performance of your vehicle. The balanced, moderate, and pleasant tone is produced with no drone. It has a less deep, loud, but throatier exterior sound.

The exhaust system has a heat shield to protect from overheating. The welded baffle makes it much more durable. The product comes with clamps for easy installation. Along with these features, this exhaust system is pocket friendly and does not need repairs now and then.

Highlighted features

  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Tubing diameter: 3 inches
  • Oval shape muffler
  • Outlet diameter: 25 inches
  • Welded baffle
  • Dyno tuned for high performance


  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Exterior painting
  • ​Comes with warranty
  • ​Protection from overheating


  • ​Bit costly

​#4) TOTALFLOW 414633 18 Inch Muffler Direct Fit Exhaust Dodge Ram Stainless Steel

The total flow exhaust system is made of high quality stainless steel and offers maximum performance. The overall tone meets user expectations.

As per the exhaust system for dodge Ram 1500 Hemi reviews, the first thing that comes in the mind of vehicle owners is the installation process. TOTALFLOW 414633 wins the race when it comes to easy installation. This environment-friendly exhaust system does not require cutting or welding during installation. This is a direct fit muffler made of 409 stainless steel and assembled with MIG welding.

 It delivers deep tone smooth sound and increases the torque and horsepower that ultimately enhances the vehicle's performance.

Apart from the finishing and quality, the superior stainless steel makes it durable. The wear and tear that comes from rusting do not apply to this product, so if you are looking for an exhaust system with long-lasting performance, then it is the right choice.

Highlighted Features

  • 409 stainless steel
  • Weighs 20.1 pounds
  • Tight-fitting to stay in position
  • Full MIG welded for long life
  • Exterior quality finish


  • ​High-quality
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Deep and smooth tone sound
  • ​Comprehensive instruction guide


  • ​Slightly expensive

​#5) MBRP S5146AL Cat-Back, Dual Split Rear Exhaust System

​The most exciting feature of the MBRP system is the sound, as reviewed by many customers. It has mellow hum at lower speeds, but once you place your foot on the pedal, your beast will roar.

This exhaust system is robust and makes its place at the end of the price list. The installation is secure, and all the hardware is made of quality aluminized steel. The product is best for those who need hearty rev of the engine at an affordable cost. The feature of this exhaust system includes the cold start of the Ram complemented with a throaty growl.

It provides more horsepower and torque and gives you 1-2 extra mpg and comes with easy installation that can be done with the standard garage tools. Some buyers reported that no instruction manual came with the product that makes the installation quite tricky.

Highlighted Features

  • T304 stainless steel tip
  • Increases torque and horsepower
  • Mirror polished
  • Delivers mellow, rich exhaust note
  • Fuel economy rises 1-2 mpg


  • ​Great sound
  • ​Long-lasting
  • ​High-quality material


  • ​Installation is complicated without an instruction manual

​#6) Carven Exhaust 2009-2018 RAM

Carven Direct Fit Muffler Replacement Kit Competitor series is made of superior quality stainless steel. It is handcrafted and assembled with TIG welding. It is designed to maximize performance.

This Competitor Series, Muffler Replacement Kit, delivers an aggressive tone on acceleration and low deep tone otherwise. The exhaust system is handcrafted and made from superior quality stainless steel material. The TIG welding process is used for assembling and is engineered to maximize the performance. The product is made in the USA.

This is the time to upgrade your ride with this direct-fit muffler replacement kit. You will get a whole lot of sound. Be prepared for an aggressive exhaust note on acceleration. It aids in maximizing the horsepower and ultimately increases the performance of your vehicle. The muffler and tips are TIG welded and made with precision to offer durability and excellent quality. The ceramic coated tips protect from abrasion and rust. This is a direct replacement and easy to install without technical assistance. The product comes under warranty from the seller.

Highlighted feature

  • Direct Replacement muffler
  • Aggressive tone
  • TIG-welded
  • Direct fit install


  • ​Durable
  • ​High-quality
  • Easy installation
  • ​Maximizes horsepower


  • ​None

​#7) B2 Fabrication Dodge Ram 1500 accessories exhaust system

This simple modification B2 Fabrication Dodge Ram leaves a great impression on buyers. No cutting and welding installation is required, and the unit has been fitted so that tailpipes will be straight.

B2 fabrication Dodge Ram exhaust system is an excellent upgrade for the vehicle owners who want impressive sound with paying for costly installation. It is a direct replacement for Dodge Ram OEM muffler. The factory-installed system is made of high quality stainless steel that makes it expensive and challenging to install the full cat-back replacement.

The design of the B2 exhaust system allows losing restriction and factory bulk giving you throaty growl with the removal of OEM muffler and placing the B2 retrofit exhaust in its place.

This replacement is designed to fit on all Dodge Ram, including all wheelbases perfectly. These are made of superior quality stainless steel that has mandrel bent with TIG welding. This is suitable for the high quality retrofit system. It comes with clamps along with the instruction manual.

Highlighted Feature

  • Manufactures in the USA
  • Fits all Dodge and wheelbases
  • No cutting and welding required
  • Fits accurate so that tailpipes are straight
  • 304 stainless steel tubing


  • ​Aggressive sound
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Quality finish


  • ​No issues found

​#8) JBA (6961S)

JBA boasts of superior performance quality and lies in mid-range price-wise. The long-tube header is the perfect choice for optimal RPM and performance gains.

The product has excellent performance at an affordable cost. It has designed well and proved the best. Other than civilians, this is used by the professional racecar drivers for their cars. The system is designed to deliver maximum horsepower with excellent dynamism. It is appropriate for those who want high torque efficiencies in all the velocities ranges. This is a perfect product for you if you need speed.

The oversized exhaust ports and all the components and attachments ensure minimal leaks and timely emission guaranteed. It provides maximum ground clearance means the smallest car will not be at danger of dragging the components. Mostly such high-performance systems are extensive and heavy, but this is not in case of this product.

Highlighted feature

  • 409S Stainless Steel
  • Modification/ welding requirements
  • 1-7/8" Primary Tubes Notes
  • Matching mid-pipes


  • ​Great fit and install
  • ​Power boost
  • ​Affordable


  • ​In some cases sensor touches the transmission

Things to Consider Before You Buy the Best Exhaust System for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi

The OEM exhaust system of Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi needs to be replaced once they become old, rusted through, or significant changes in sound occur. You may also replace the OEM exhaust for performance. The new aftermarket exhaust systems efficiently improve the torque and engine power, right starting tone as well as the gas economy.

Although this is achieved only with the right fit, parameter system, and diameter. But Dodge ram tailpipes and tips are made from 409SS so you can replace only the fundamental part consisting muffler.

It is recommended to replace the full exhaust system to avoid any further troubles. The products mentioned above have a respective set of features so you can buy the one that matches your requirements. However, you must consider the following things before buying the best exhaust system for Dodge ram Hemi.

  • Pipe Diameter

An exhaust is more comfortable to install if it has a broader pipe diameter, and it also enhances the exhaust system quality. Generally, the size of good quality exhaust system approximately ranges 2.5 to 3 inches. So the most important thing for an exhaust system is a pipe with a diameter of not less than 2.5 inches.

  • Material

Material plays a vital role in deciding the quality of an exhaust system. Stainless steel is generally used for making the exhaust system. However, several types of stainless steel finishes are used in the construction of exhaust systems. The various finishes include titanium, nickel chrome, ceramic, silver, and 409 stainless steel. Nickel-chrome discolors quickly but corrosion-resistant. The silver ceramic and titanium ceramics are corrosion and heat resistance. The 409 stainless steel is the most durable but fades quickly.

  • Installation

It is essential to look for an exhaust system with easy installation. Some exhaust systems have a set of hangers, making the installation easier.

  • Sound

The sound is related to the exhaust system, and the sound depends on your preference. There are exhaust systems that produce less rumbling thunder noises while others make huge roaring sounds. Some exhaust systems produce smooth and moderate sounding rumbles.

  • Tip Diameter

Although pipe diameter plays a significant role in the performance of an exhaust system, a pipe diameter should also be considered. The sound of the exhaust is correlated to the tip diameter. The sound quality is better with the broader tip diameter. The best tip diameter is around 4 to 5 inches. If you are particular about the sound of your vehicle, then a tip diameter should be 5-inch.

  • Brand

The brand is a crucial factor in determining the exhaust system quality. You may damage the truck performance if you buy an exhaust system that is not of a good brand.


  • How to increase the life of an exhaust system?

The lifespan of an exhaust system can be enhanced by handling it with care. Using the lubricant to tighten and loosening the bolts is also essential. This prevents the screws and bolts from wearing out. You can regularly spray the oil on screws and bolts to increase the life of an exhaust system.

  • What increases horsepower?

The horsepower depends on the exhaust system and the vehicle. A new exhaust system adds up ten lb-ft torque at 5000 RPM. Additionally, it makes the car sturdy and stable by adding a horsepower up to the rate of 9.5 hp. Most engineers disagree with the increase of power above 9.5hp in day to day driving. This will overload the performance and risk of much fuel consumption. Take professional advice before installing a modified exhaust system.

  • Which welding method is the best for exhaust systems?

Most of the modern exhaust systems do not require welding during installation, except for a few. Welding depends on the truck type and the hardware that comes with the package. Welding is not at all recommended, and it is tedious too. A poor installation can end up damaging the whole system and cost you high. It can spoil the roaring sound also. If you need welding, then go for metal inert gas welding or tungsten welding. Metal inert gas welding is easier.

Final Words

Some people think that exhaust system modification is a complicated procedure. You should understand your vehicle and its specifications. The right exhaust system for your beast depends on the preference. Look for the exhaust system with reliable engineering, high performance, and the right material. You can also change or modify the muffler system, but it comes with the combination of pros and cons.

If you are going to change the exhaust system for the first time, then you may be overwhelmed with the choices available in the market. So we have narrowed down the options of the best exhaust system for Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi, so you need not worry much. The shortlisted exhaust systems help you choose the best for your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.

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