The 7 Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving That You Can Buy

Best Jeep Lift Kits for Highway Driving
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The right jeep lift kit for highway driving makes navigating your vehicle a more enjoyable experience. Furthermore, with a quality jeep lift kit, you get the clearance you need to accommodate large-sized tires. So how do you find the best lift kit that is ideal for your needs and your Jeep? You have come to the right place if that is the question on your mind!

Keep reading if you would like to know which best jeep lift kit is ideal for highway driving. This article covers the best seven jeep lift kits along with a detailed buyers guide to help you make an informed decision.

Why Do You Need Best Lift Kit for Highway Driving

The best lift kit ensures superior road performance when you are out highway driving in your Jeep. That is primarily because of the additional ground clearance that you get with a lift kit that is worth its salt.

In addition, a top-quality jeep lift kit serves to lift your jeep considerably and makes it looks cool! Apart from installing large-sized tires, you may also fit in enhanced skid plates, bumpers, rock rails, and a lot more. You have the ability to transform your jeep completely in any way you want and improve its aesthetics.

Types of Jeep Lift Kit

It is important that you are well aware of the different types of jeep lift kits that are available in the market: These types include:

  • Body Lift: These generally give the Jeep 1-3 inches and allow for large-sized tires. Buying a body lift kit will set you back by approximately a few hundred dollars. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that body lifts do not come with shock absorbers (you have to buy these separately).
  • Coil Spring Jeep Lift Kit: These usually add 1.5 – 3.5 inches of height to your jeep. Coil spring lift kits generally come with various elements to do a thorough factory standard job. Some of the parts that come with the kit include brake line extensions, longer shocks, bump stops, sway bar links, and track bars.

This Jeep lift kit type offers better articulation, and that leads to improved tire contact to the surface of the ground. You can then handle your vehicle with more control! A top quality coil spring lift kit is expensive and will cost you several hundred dollars.

  • Economy Boost: These lift kits provide the jeep about 0.75 – 2.5 inches of lift. They are wide polyurethane spacers positioned on top of the stock coil springs. A few of the kits provide shocks as well.

At times, the spacers have different heights to even out any front-end rake (natural) your vehicle has.

Top 7 Picks Of the Best Jeep Lift Kit for Highway Driving

The following are the seven best jeep lift kits for highway driving that you can buy in 2020. Make sure to read go through the key features as well as the pros and cons of all the models so you can identify which lift kit best serves your needs.

#1) TeraflexREAR BOOST/LEVELING KIT- One Of the Best highway driving lift kits for jeep

Look no further than the TeraflexREAR BOOST/LEVELING KIT if you seek the best possible jeep lift kit for highway driving.

This particular kit is the ideal solution to fix uneven suspension in your Jeep while providing your vehicle some lift. Keep in mind that the Teraflex kit is currently compatible only with JK Wranglers. However, the manufacturers are coming up with more options, so even if you own a Wrangler, you will be receiving some good news shortly!

This top-quality Teraflex kit comprises a 1-inch boost in the rear and 2-inch boost in the front and sway bar links! In addition, the TeraflexREAR BOOST/LEVELING KIT is straightforward to install, and you can do it easily with some basic tools, even if you are a beginner.

Furthermore, you can also count on this kit to provide your Jeep with a considerable degree of stability. That is owing to the fact that the lift kit makes use of zero fittings on its unique Heim joints, which also adds more durability to the overall lift system.

Key Features

  • 1.5 inches overall lift
  • Sway bars and spacers included
  • Zerk fittings


  • The installation process is fundamental and straightforward
  • The Zerk fittings offer additional durability and stability
  • Very affordable to purchase


  • The shock absorption factor is low

#2) Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler- Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit is another excellent option if you drive a Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018).

You can rest assured that this suspension lift kit will provide your Jeep with an unparalleled stability level. That is a direct consequence of the rear track bar bracket, shock relocation brackets, and rear sway bar links (along with all the essential hardware you require to install each piece).

Moreover, this lifting kit also offers backspacing options of nearly 4.5 inches, which can genuinely assist a knowledgeable lift kit user in squeezing the most juice out of their Jeep's performance based upon their preferred ride height.

What’s more, the entire Rough Country Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler bolts on for easy installation, and the greater ground clearance levels the front-to-back of the Jeep’s body, providing it a stylish look and making it an overall smoother ride.

Key Features

  • Shock relocation brackets
  • Rear sway bar links
  • Rear track bar bracket


  • Innovative spring retention system
  • No need to buy any separate accessories/tools; everything is included in the lift kit package
  • 100 percent compatible with all contemporary Jeep Wrangler JK models


  • The instruction manual provided has slightly vague instructions

#3) MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit- Another Best jeep lift kit

There is no way you can go wrong with the MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit with Shock Extenders compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK if you are looking for a jeep lift kit worth its salt.

This lift kit features 3-inch rear and 3-inch front extender shocks that take your Jeep's body to new heights (in the literal sense!). These extender shocks come with all the bracketing and hardware that you require to install quickly and successfully.

In addition, the manufacturers crafted the equipment in this kit from powder-coated black and high-grade steel. Hence, it is very durable and will last for a long time before it begins to wear away. Once you have installed it, there will never be any need to take the lift kit out of the Jeep again!

Furthermore, the fantastic MotoFab lift kit comes with a lifetime warranty, and on top of everything else, it is very economical! 

Key Features

  • Rear and front shock extenders
  • Premium grade steel
  • Black powder coat finish


  • Premium grade steel will not corrode even after several years of wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shock extenders operate very smoothly


  • Need to buy sway bar links (adjustable) separately

#4) Daystar, Jeep Lift Kit- Another Best Highway Driving Lift Kit for Jeep

Particularly designed to boost the performance of your Jeep and better ground clearance, the Daystar Jeep KJ Liberty 2.5" Lift Kit is a fantastic choice for off-roading or highway driving.

This suspension lift kit provides an incredible level of stability to your Jeep when you are out cruising. In addition, the Daystar Jeep KJ Liberty 2.5" Lift Kit bolts on for easy installation,

and the greater ground clearance levels the front-to-back of the Jeep’s body, providing it a stylish look and making it an overall smoother ride. Another standout feature of this lift kit is its high-density polyurethane construction making it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Key Features

  • High-density polyurethane construction
  • Shock boots
  • Front upper strut plates


  • Very simple to install
  • Considerably enhances ground clearance.
  • Lifts jeep without compromising load-carrying capacity


  • You may have to purchase some additional tools for installation

#5) JKS Body Lift System for Jeep TJ- Best Lift kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ

When researching for the top Jeep lift kit for the purpose of highway driving, you are sure to come across the JKS 9904 1-1/4" Body Lift System for Jeep TJ.

Whatever you need to accomplish, a 4-in lift on your Jeep is present in just two boxes when you buy this suspension jeep lift kit. Even those vehicles that have winches and heavy bumpers fitted to achieve the same level of ground clearance with this lift kit.

In addition, this lift kit Includes urethane grill supports to avoid it from cracking under strain. You also get a complete set of twin-tube shocks (New Zone) with the JKS 9904 1-1/4" Body Lift System. Manufacturers specifically valved them, keeping your Jeep in mind, for a smooth ride and better performance. 

Furthermore, unlike other lift kits, you do not have to modify your vehicle’s fuel tank, radiator, brakes, or air conditioning.

Key Features

  • Twin-tube shocks (NewZone) included
  • urethane grill supports
  • 4-inch ground clearance


  • High quality and durable components
  • Suits those jeeps perfectly which have winches and heavy bumpers installed
  • Straightforward installation


  • Some users have complained that the gas hose slightly cracked when installing this lift kit

#6) Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit- One Of Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler 77072395AB 2" Lift Kit is the premium solution to make your Jeep look highway-ready and incredible at the same time.

This lift kit comes equipped with all of the coils, spring, suspension, and other hardware that you require to raise your Jeep’s body by 2 inches.  The manufacturers have designed the kit to work perfectly with 35 inches (diameter) tires, so it is vital to note your wheels’ size before you carry out the installation of the lift kit.

However, once you have installed it in your Jeep, you will observe an instant improvement in the ease, comfort, and external appearance of your vehicle. The Jeep Wrangler 77072395AB 2" Lift Kit even includes a steering stabilizer in its packaging to ensure that you can easily control your Jeep’s extra height and its elevated center of gravity. When you put everything together, this lift kit provides more than adequate bang for your buck!  

Key Features

  • 2-inch lifting height
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler that has 3.6 liters engine
  • Steering stabilizer included


  • Moderately priced
  • All tools provided for installation
  • Considerable enhances the appearance of your Jeep


  • The track bars are nonadjustable

#7) TeraFlex  JK 2 Door Lift Kit

If you drive a Wrangler on a daily basis and looking for a dependable jeep lift kit for highway driving, then the TeraFlex 1251002 JK 2 Door Lift Kit with All (4) 2.5" Shocks (2.5") is a splendid option for you.

This lift kit maximizes the articulation, wheel travel, and ground clearance while providing your vehicle an off-road and muscular look. It enables you to accommodate up to 35-in tires to your Jeep. In addition, the kit boasts a very straightforward bolt-on design, hence ensuring easy installation.

There is no need for any drilling or additional modification when installing the TeraFlex 1251002 JK 2 Door Lift Kit. Furthermore, shock absorbers included in this lift kit dampen shock and bumps impulses so that you can have a comfortable ride when you are out highway driving!

Apart from shock absorbers, this Wrangler Suspension Lift Kit includes coil springs, rear track bar bracket bump stops, sway bar links, and brake line brackets.

Key Features

  • 2.5-inch lift height
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler JK Two-Door Models (2007-2018)


  • Can accommodate up to 35-inch tires
  • Easy to install
  • Top-quality coil springs


  • Quite expensive to purchase
Best Jeep Lift Kits

Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Lift Kit for Jeep

You need to take several vital factors under advisement before you go ahead and buy the best possible jeep lift kit for your vehicle. Some of these crucial parameters include:

  • Lift Type

There happen to be several different kinds of Jeep lift kits. Therefore, you must be aware of the primary difference between them before investing your money in a lift kit. For instance, body lifts are one of the most common lift kit options for regular Wrangler drivers. These kits can typically provide 1-3 in the lift but might also need extra modifications to avoid your Jeep's primary operational efficiency from being impacted.

Another kind of lift kits are the coil spring kits and are slightly more costly than body lifts. However, the former can offer an impressive 3.5 in lifting height and boost the articulation on all the vehicle’s wheels.

Another crucial distinction is between two door lift kits and four-door lift kits. You should only use the former if you possess a two-door Jeep Wrangler or the latter if you have a four-door Jeep that needs more durable highway driving performance.   

  • Installation Ease

If you are planning to install your jeep lift kit by yourself, make sure that you peruse the reviews of other users to see if your existing skill set can achieve the job safely. Carrying out the installation of a lift kit can be a daunting task. However, do not feel as if your skills set as a Jeep lift kit installer are insufficient just because you decide to engage a professional mechanic's services to do the installation for you.

  • Lift Height

Before buying a lift kit, the lift height is another important consideration you need to consider. This crucial parameter communicates the volume of “lift” the package will provide to your Jeep (often measured in inches) after installing it. Moderate lift heights can be as low as 0.75 in and can shoot up to 6.75if you buy a more extensive lift kit.

  • Cost

The budget you have set aside to buy your jeep lift kit and whether its cost fits in your budget is another very important consideration. It is crucial to know that lift kits can have hidden expenses at times if they involve extra modifications that are not included. Moreover, there is also the expense of installation if you do not plan to install the lift kit yourself and rather engage the services of a professional—factor in what you can afford to pay when you make the final buying decision.

  • Size of Tire

A prevalent reason to buy a jeep lift kit is to add adequate height to your Jeep so you can fit in large-sized tires. Depending on the upgrade of tire size that you plan, you will require as much as a 3-in lift to accommodate 35-in jeep tires.  Moreover, you will also need to make sure that both the rear and front are equally lifted to accommodate a complete set of bigger tires.

Jeep Needs


Be sure to go through the following FAQs before buying a jeep lift kit.

  • Do You Require Heavy-Duty Installation Tools For Jeep Lift Kits?

That depends on the nature and kind of each lift kit. Some kits only need a few fundamental tools, while others might need more heavy-duty equipment (some of the lift kits might even require extensive welding!). Eventually, it comes down to the kit's extensiveness, and you might have to do a bit of research to identify what exactly you will need for your desired lift kit. Moreover, you can make use of several installation tutorials that are readily available online.

  • How Can a Lift Kit Affect Your Jeep’s Handling?

There are several ways a lift kit can impact your jeep’s performance and handling. From a physics perspective, a lift kit raises the gravity center of an automobile, which can enhance its stability. However, when you adjust the frame and suspension of the jeep, it changes the way that everything fits in together. What that means is that it may wear down some parts, cause vibrations, and change the way your automobile feels.

  • Do You Require A Steering Stabilizer With Your Jeep Lift Kit?

A steering stabilizer is not a necessity. In other words, your Jeep will drive just fine without one, mainly if you are simply driving your Jeep day-to-day. However, if you install your Jeep lift kit, particularly for highway driving or off-roading, we recommend installing a steering stabilizer.

A steering stabilizer acts very much like a shock absorber apart, but it dampens any wandering and harshness in your Jeep’s steering system. That gives your vehicle superior handling.

Bottom Line

To summarize, a Jeep lift kit is an essential component in your vehicle, and it is of paramount importance that you buy the right lift kit that is fully compatible with your Jeep. If you install a lift kit that is not compatible with your Jeep or assembles it incorrectly, it can leave you with a ruined suspension.

Furthermore, it serves your best interests to do your research first and go through all the available lift kit reviews before you purchase the best jeep lift kit for highway driving that suits your particular needs.