8 Best Seat Covers for Tacoma – Breathe New Life into Your Toyota

Best Seat Covers for Tacoma
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Have you been wanting to give your Toyota Tacoma a facelift? One of the fastest and easiest things you can do is throw on a new set of seat covers. That’s why, today, we’re going to look at 8 of the best seat covers for Tacoma.

Not only will these breathe new life into your truck, but they will protect your original seating, as well. We feel that these are some of the very best covers available.

After you have read our Tacoma seat cover reviews, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide that immediately follows. We’ll discuss some important aspects that you should consider before making any kind of purchase.

​Advantages of Seat Covers for Your Car

Aside from saving hundreds of dollars in reupholstering costs, installing a new set of seat covers can benefit your ride in several ways. Let’s briefly talk about some of these advantages and how you can start enjoying them right away.

Protection – By default, seat covers will protect your vehicle’s upholstery. Regardless of your original seat’s material, new covers will effectively extend its life. You can also buy waterproof covers to give your seats even more protection.

Resale Value – This closely relates to protection, as well. By protecting your factory upholstery, your vehicle’s resale value will remain high. A car with torn up, worn out seating will see a huge drop in its overall worth.

Attractiveness – As we mentioned above, a new set of covers will instantly make your vehicle look better. If you are getting bored with your current color scheme, there are literally thousands of new and exciting styles you can go with.

Top 5 Best ​Seat Cover for Tacoma 2020 Comparison 






Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver- Best  Seat Cover for Toyota Tacoma

​18 x 10 x 3 inches

​BDK Gray PolyPro Car Seat Covers, Front and Rear Split

​18 x 15 x 6 inches

​Durafit Seat Covers, ​Front ​ Split Bench Seat ​

​15.8 x 12 x 5 inches

​Covercraft Carhartt Custom Fit Seat Cover

​15.8 x 12 x 5 inches

​Mesh Car Seat Covers Full Set for Tacoma 4Runner

29.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inc

Top Picks of the Best Seat Covers for Tacoma

These next 8 entries are some of the best seat covers for Toyota Tacoma. We made sure that we included a wide variety to help you find the perfect fit.

​#1) Covercraft Carhartt SeatSaver Front Row Custom Fit Seat Cover for Toyota Tacoma

When you see the name ‘Carhartt’, you know you’re getting something special. Most people think of their durable clothing line, but now you can get that same high level of quality in your seat covers.

Covercraft delivers the fantastic SeatSaver using Carhartt’s Duck-Weave. This tough fabric won’t tear easily and is guaranteed to give you years of protection.

Everything that should be covered is safely secured by the SeatSaver. One of the greatest things about these seat covers is that Covercraft custom-makes each set based on your Tacoma’s year and model. This assures that you get a perfect fit that is made specifically for your truck.

The SeatSaver is easy to install. Each set wraps snugly over your existing seats in just a few quick steps. And since they can be washed just like any other piece of Carhartt clothing, the covers come off just as easily as they go on.

Covercraft’s seat covers are designed to accommodate every aspect of your seating arrangement. For example, let’s say your model has airbags in the seats. Covercraft makes sure to craft your covers to allow for their deployment.

It’s rather interesting how this works. Looking at an airbag-ready seat cover, you don’t immediately notice any difference. This is because Covercraft takes the time to uniquely stitch the Duck-Weave fabric so that it seamlessly blends in. But if an airbag is actuated, that stitching will break loose.

Arm rests and head rests are easily housed, as well. So you can rest easy knowing your factory upholstery is protected at all times.


  • Custom-stitched
  • Washable
  • Fast installation
  • Carhartt fabrics


  • ​Fits tightly
  • ​Great price
  • ​Tough fabric
  • ​Excellent protection


  • ​A bit stiff

​#2) BDK Gray PolyPro Car Seat Covers, Front and Rear Split Bench Protection

If you’re looking for a bit of a classier approach to covering your seats, you really ought to consider BDK’s PolyPro set. The two-tone color schemes they use really complement the Toyota Tacoma quite well.

These sleek-looking covers hug your seats nicely to give you a natural-looking fit. You will have a hard time telling the difference between these and the manufacturer’s upholstery. They really do fit that tightly.

​One of the PolyPro’s features you’re sure to love is its stain-resistant material. If you have an accidental spill, you can simply remove the cover and throw it in the wash. You’ll want to let the covers air-dry, but they typically don’t take long. This material is plenty comfortable, too. Its soft construction is really noticeable on long trips.

It’s important that we set the expectation that there is some work required of you in the installation of these covers. Since these are a universally-fitting set, you will have to do some cutting and trimming. But honestly, that’s what helps give the PolyPro seat covers their great fit.

There are 8 unique color options that you can choose from to more closely match your Tacoma. We really like the Solid Beige. It looks classy and brightens things up a bit.

Whichever one you ultimately decide on, each set looks great and we’re sure you’ll love what they can do for your truck. The designs aren’t too loud and really help to accent your interior.


  • Universal design
  • Stain-resistant
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Safe to wash


  • ​Attractive colors
  • ​Budget-friendly
  • ​Soft material
  • ​Comfortable


  • ​Fitting requires some work

​#3) Durafit Seat Covers, ​Front 60/40 Split Bench Seat with Integrated Armrest Seat Covers​

For the hunters out there, Durafit offers an attractive camouflage set. Made for Tacoma XCabs between the years of 1995 and 2000, Durafit’s covers are sure to give your interior a fresh look.

We really appreciated that this set uses durable fabrics which are completely waterproof. If you happen to have a spill or accidentally leave the windows down in the rain, your seats will be protected from the elements.

​If they get too messy, you may hand-wash them with soap and water. Just allow them to air-dry for a bit and they will be good to go.

Your Toyota Tacoma’s arm rests and consoles are totally covered, as well. We really like the pockets that Durafit weaves into their seating. It’s nice having the extra storage when you need it. The backs of the front seats sport deep pockets that really help with travel.

We think the pricing on these sets is more than fair. You’re getting heavy-duty, tough seat covers for a fraction of what you’d pay for reupholstering. You can easily pay hundreds of dollars to have your seats done professionally.

The only real issue we have with this brand is the cover’s sensitivity to sunlight. After prolonged exposure, the fabrics can begin to fade. You’ll want to make sure you have a sun shade in place if you go with this set.

Durafit provides a one-year warranty that protects you from any manufacturer defects. They will give you a replacement if there are any faults in the material.


  • Total protection
  • Tight fitting
  • Waterproof
  • Tough polyester


  • ​Great fit
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Heavy-duty
  • ​Stylish design


  • ​UV exposure can fade fabric

​#4) CalTrend Front Row Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Toyota Tacoma Models

CalTrend went with a special fabric that is similar to neoprene, and it really pays off. Called NeoSupreme, this soft material ensures that your Tacoma seats remain comfortable. This makes all the difference during long commutes.

We were mighty impressed with the installation process. It is quick, painless, and you won’t need any special tools. 

You simply slip the covers over your existing upholstery for instant protection. Although the style of tailoring is a bit on the basic side, it looks classy. We think it complements the Tacoma perfectly.

Your interior will instantly look brighter and much more open. If you are getting bored with your current setup, we can’t think of an easier way to breathe new life into your Toyota.

We were very pleased with how well CalTrend’s seat covers fit. We didn’t notice any lumps or bulges after installation. And when driving around, the covers remained firmly intact. This is due to CalTrend’s attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Every stitch is seamlessly integrated into each of the covers, leaving your seats snug and well-protected. There are a total of 9 unique color schemes that you can choose from to give your Tacoma just the right look.

CalTrend gives their customers a respectable two-year warranty. If you experience any defects in the workmanship of your seat covers, CalTrend will work to provide you with new ones within that time frame.


  • Foam-padded
  • Bucket seating
  • NeoSupreme materials
  • Crafted in the United States


  • ​Nice selection of colors
  • ​Soft yet durable
  • ​Great price
  • ​Custom fit


  • ​Material has an odor

​#5) Covercraft Carhartt Mossy Oak Camo SeatSaver Front Row Custom Fit Seat Cover for Select Toyota Tacoma

​Here’s yet another seat cover set that sports a camouflage motif. This one comes from Covercraft. They make use of high-quality Carhartt fabrics once again.

We rated this one slightly lower than CalTrend’s camo set. This is because Covercraft’s doesn’t offer quite the same snug fit. But don’t let that deter you from giving this set a look.

​You’re still getting that same strong Carhartt material. This durable fabric provides exceptional protection and is guaranteed to last. If you take proper care of your seat covers, you should get years of service out of them.

What makes this set so different is that it now sports Mossy Oak’s camo design. This detailed setup provides you with tough and attractive seat coverings. Your interior will instantly be brought to life.

Your factory upholstery is completely protected thanks to Covercraft’s top-notch tailoring. Each set is custom-made to match your specific Tacoma’s attributes. And you can still toss these Duck-Weave covers into the wash. Installation remains just as fast and effortless, as well.

You get an excellent three-year warranty with all SeatSaver seat covers. Covercraft states that if your covers ever suffer any defects, they will replace them for free. This includes wear and tear from normal use, as well.


  • Mossy Oak camouflage
  • Carhartt fabrics
  • Thick and durable
  • Repels water


  • ​Great-looking design
  • ​Long-lasting materials
  • ​Very strong and sturdy
  • ​Excellent protection


  • ​Material feels a little stiff

​#6) Coverking Custom Fit Front 50/50 Bucket Seat Cover for Select Toyota Tacoma

​For some of the best Tacoma seat covers, you can’t overlook Coverking. Just like CalTrend, Coverking makes great use of NeoSupreme materials to deliver a durable set of covers. Your comfort will be greatly improved during travel, as well.

This flexible material features water-resistant qualities that provide even further protection.

If there is an accidental spill or mess, you can simply hand-wash your seat covers to return them to their natural luster. ​Just use a mild soap and some water and allow them to air-dry for a bit.

Each and every seat is custom-tailored to your truck’s interior dimensions. This ensures that you get a tight fit that is both comfortable and long-lasting. During travel, your covers will stay snug and intact at all times.

It is important to note that installation can be a bit more in-depth than some of the other entries depending on your model. You’ll want to make sure you pay close attention to the instructions in order to get everything just right. It is a little time-consuming, but the end result is well worth it.

Coverking even gives their customers a one-year warranty with all of their seat covers. Whether during installation or normal use, any defects in workmanship will be covered within that time period.


  • ​NeoSupreme materials
  • 1-year warranty
  • Custom-fitted
  • Airbag-ready


  • ​Comfortable fabrics
  • ​Water-resistant
  • ​Sleek design
  • ​Excellent fit


  • ​Installation can take some time

​#7) Mesh Car Seat Covers Full Set Airflow for Tacoma 4Runner

For those on a budget who still want attractive seat covers for their Tacoma, MyCarDeco’s set is a great choice. This versatile set boasts some handy features that are sure to complement your Toyota.

By using Airflow mesh materials, your seats are able to breathe. The great thing about this is that if they get wet for any reason, they will dry fairly quickly.

​Installation is a piece of cake thanks to MyCarDeco using customized straps. These help you get just the right fit and also make removing the covers a breeze.

Just be sure that you are careful when using these straps. They are not made of the same material as the seat coverings. Too much force can cause them to break.

If your Tacoma has airbags, this set is designed to allow them to deploy when necessary. You also get plenty of padding to further add to your comfort.

MyCarDeco gives you 5 color schemes to choose from, allowing you to get just the right look for your Tacoma. Different colors sport different emblems directly under the head rest. Thankfully, these logos aren’t too flashy or gaudy-looking. If anything, they add a little bit of character to your Tacoma.


  • Breathable materials
  • Airbag-ready
  • Mesh fabric construction
  • Foam-padded


  • ​Attractive designs
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Low-cost


  • ​Adjustable straps feel cheap

​#8) ITAILORMAKER Canvas Seat Covers for Toyota Tacoma 4Runner Rav4

ITAILORMAKER’s Tacoma seat covers are unique among our reviews in that they are made of canvas. This fabric is completely water-resistant and won’t fade under direct sunlight.

This set is the perfect addition to your Tacoma if you’re a pet owner. Each seat cover sports an anti-slip underlining.

This not only gives your interior even more protection than usual, but it helps to fight off messes and spills.

It’s important that we note that ITAILORMAKER’s set is universal. You will be required to make some cuts here and there to get a perfect fit. It’s nothing too extensive and serves to give your seats the best fit possible. Just be sure to take your time as we did. The end result looks quite nice.

If you have airbags, special stitching is used in the necessary areas to allow deployment if needed. We always appreciate steps like these taken to ensure the customer’s safety is a top priority.

Installation is a breeze. While it’s not as quick as some of the other entries, you shouldn’t have to spend more than an hour on it. The fit looks tight and feels great, too. We were pleased with how comfortable our seating felt afterward.


  • Made from canvas
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Sponge-padded
  • Easy installation


  • ​Pet-friendly
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Good fit overall
  • ​Deep storage pockets


  • ​Fabric not as strong as others
Best Tacoma Seat Covers

​Things to Consider Before You Buy Best Tacoma Seat Covers

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Toyota Tacoma seat covers, it’s time to discuss what goes into choosing the right set for your truck.

  • Types of Seat Covers -

When shopping for the right seat covers, you will undoubtedly come across two different types. Let’s touch on these types briefly so you know exactly which kind will best fit your needs as well as your Tacoma’s.

  • Universal

Seat covers that say ‘universal fit’ are coverings that are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, regardless of their make or model. As you can imagine, this can get hairy fast. With so many differently-shaped seats, not all universal seat covers will necessarily fit your vehicle’s seats.

You want to use caution and read as many reviews as possible in order to determine whether that universal seat cover will, in fact, fit your vehicle. As you probably noticed in our reviews, some of the entries are universal. We ensured that they fit Tacomas before reviewing them. Do some research before buying and you should be in good shape.

  • Custom Fit

These types of seat coverings are just the opposite. The manufacturer takes time to ensure that the coverings fit your specific make and model. Each section is cut to size, giving you the most natural fit possible.

While some universal covers do a mighty fine job of providing a snug fit, it’s hard to beat a custom seat cover.


In this final section, we wanted to address a couple of the most common questions relating to seat covers. This useful information will help you take the best care of both your car and your new seat covers.

  • How Can I Protect My Leather Seats?

This is actually a lot easier than you may think. You simply need to ensure that the seat cover is made of tough and durable fabrics. This will provide excellent protection from gouges, burns, and things of that nature.

To take it a step further, choose a fabric that is waterproof or water-resistant. Any accidental spills will be instantly repelled off of the fabric. This will prolong the life of your delicate leather underneath.

Regardless of the type of upholstery you have on your factory seating, it’s a good idea to protect them as best you can. This will help to keep your vehicle’s resale value high.

  • How Do I Keep My Seat Covers Clean?

This largely depends on the type of fabric used in their construction. Many seat covers allow you to simply throw them into the wash. But you want to pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you don’t damage the material.

If your new seat covers are made of neoprene, you will need to hand-wash them. Machine-washing them can ruin the fabric. You’ll need to make a solution of laundry detergent and water. After removing the covers from the seats, simply scrub the neoprene using a soft sponge.

Once you are finished cleaning the dirty areas, simply let them air-dry. You can use a towel to help speed up the process, but you want to be as gentle as possible.

_​Final Words_

We hope you found our guide to best seat covers for Tacoma to be helpful. We’re confident that you will walk away better prepared in your quest to find that perfect set. We realize that it can be overwhelming trying to make sense of all the features each set has.

That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide – to make it easier on you. If you follow our advice and recommendations, we’re sure your Tacoma will end up looking fabulous once you’re finished with it.

You can also take a look to your guide for Best 4runner roof rack and best winch for your jeep if you need.