8 Best Tonneau Cover for Tacoma {Reviews 2020}

best tonneau cover for tacoma
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Tonneau covers that are an essential feature of pickup trucks, and coupe utility cars have been around for so many years that we take them for granted. It also would not be out of place to state that though almost everyone has seen these covers, but many do not know they’re called such.

A tonneau cover is an accessory that furnishes all-round protection to cargo, enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics, and overall security.

These covers installed over a pickup lorry’s open bed also boosts the vehicle’s aerodynamics by lessening drag, ultimately resulting in better mileage. The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular pickup truck models used extensively throughout the US.

Do you own a Toyota Tacoma and looking to replace your old tonneau cover or thinking of buying a brand new one? Which is the best tonneau cover for Tacoma? Choosing the best cover could be a challenging task, given the variety of brands available in the market.

In this article, we’ll review eight best Tacoma tonneau covers that will help you to decide which model will work seamlessly with your Toyota pickup truck.

​_Advantages of a Tonneau cover

​Almost all online Tacoma tonneau cover reviews aver that the covers are aesthetically appealing. The best tonneau covers not only mask the ugly open bed of your vehicle but also make the roadster appear classy. Apart from adding a sophisticated touch to your Tacoma, installing a tonneau cover has some other practical benefits as well:-

  • Adds value

You can bet that the amount you invest on a tonneau cover will be recouped in the long run. A tonneau cover adds value to your Toyota Tacoma in intangible ways that you cannot quantify monetarily. The vehicle coverlet protects the bed of your truck, safeguards your cargo, and helps save upfront on fuel by offering better mileage (through improved aerodynamics).

Most importantly, a tonneau cover helps maintain the resale value of your Toyota pickup truck.

  • Help keep your payload in order

They keep your payload from spilling or getting scattered, not to mention the protection it offers from inclement weather.

  • Keeps your cargo safe and secure

The tonneau cover fully conceals the load you are transporting, protecting the cargo from potential thieves and burglars.

  • Better mileage

A cover’s distinctive (aerodynamic) design reduces air drag, and eventually improves the vehicle’s mileage.

​_Types of Tonneau Covers

  • Roll-up tonneau cover

A roll-up tonneau cover rolls up just like a carpet or rug, and therefore it is named as such. You can roll up this type of tonneau cover entirely up to the bulkhead of the vehicle’s bed.

  • Folding tonneau cover

This type of cover is the most popular tonneau cover type, and for a good reason. This coverlet, which is foldable in sections, allows you to access the part of the vehicle’s open bed you need to use, keeping the rest of the bed covered.

  • Retracting cover

As its name indicates, a retracting tonneau cover draws back fully till the bulkhead. In terms of functionality and usage, a retractable cover is somewhat similar to a foldable cover but has a different mechanism of operation.

  • Snap-in cover

This type of cover comprises an aluminum body for fastening to the bed of the truck. The tonneau cover also comes with a PVC coverlet that is tethered to the frame. 

  • Hinged tonneau cover

This tonneau cover is very much like a bedcover that can be fastened to the truck’s bulkhead.

best tacoma tonneau cover

​_The 8 Best Tonneau Cover for Tacoma Reviews_

​#1) BAKFlipMX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover by BAK

The BAKFlip MX4 by BAK is a folding-style toughened tonneau cover companionable with 2016-2020 Tacoma models, w/OE track system 5’Bed.

The cover is made of heavy-duty aluminum boards that mechanically fit as the cover is closed fully or in sections. When this tonneau cover is fully closed, the locked tailgate furnishes all-round protection to your cargo or payload. This hard folding MX4 tonneau cover comes with panels having a matte finish, which shields the cover against UV damage, scratches, grazes, and abrasions.     

On the other hand, the matte coating adds to the overall appeal of this tonneau cover for Toyota Tacoma. The entire paraphernalia, together with the sealing of the rim, has been upgraded, which further boosts the durability of this bedcover. You can keep the tonneau cover flipped or folded up or close it fully without masking the third brake light while driving the vehicle.

MX4 tonneau cover’s dual-action tailgate sealant enables closing the vehicle’s tailgate, regardless of whether the coverlet is closed, folded up, or open.

Key Features

  • Lustrous, plain, and flush-mount profile
  • A hard-wearing and robust framework
  • Hard-wearing aluminum panels with matte-finishing
  • Upright foldable
  • Amenable to opening from both sides of the pickup truck
  • Injection-molded latch  


  • Panels made out of hard-wearing aluminum that accord extreme durability and resilience
  • Matte-finishing on the panels protect the tonneau cover against the elements and everyday wear and tear
  • Equipped with strong pop-up rods, the MX4 can be kept at upright position
  • Easy dismantling of the pop-up rods for fast closure
  • Amenable to the opening from both sides of the vehicle


  • The heaviness of the cover may not help improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics

​#2) Tyger Auto Black Top T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

The cover from Tyger Auto is compatible with 2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Fleetside 5’Bed (TG-BC3T1630).

This cover is not only aesthetically appealing but performance-oriented and durable as well. This tonneau cover has been shaped out of dual-coated, marine-grade vinyl and coated with heavy-duty aluminum powder for making the framework more durable. The coverlet comes preinstalled with robust stainless steel clamps, facilitating easy and quick installation.

The built-in horizontal crossbars provide stable support as well as retract quickly with the tonneau cover, thereby offering thorough access to the bed. The intelligently designed soft tri-fold tonneau cover improves your Tacoma’s aerodynamics, eventually enabling you to save considerably on fuel expenses. 

Key Features

  • Weatherproof sealing
  • Preset tension control
  • Design patented in the US
  • Inbuilt horizontal crossbars
  • Placement on the upper rim of the pickup vehicle’s bed
  • Comes embedded with clamps for hassle-free installation
  • Frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum and premium grade marine vinyl


  • Design patented in the US
  • Inbuilt horizontal crossbars furnish steady support
  • ​Cover made from marine grade vinyl; incredibly durable and resilient
  • ​Framework made from aircraft-grade steel which makes the product robust and heavy-duty
  • ​Weatherproof coating for thorough protection of payload from snow, hail, rain, and sunrays
  • ​Ergonomic design typified by preassembled steel rods with clamps facilitate smooth installation and secure locking


  • ​Compatible only with Tacoma models having under-the-bedrail bed liner

#3) Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold by Gator Covers

The ETX by Gator Covers is a soft tri-fold type tonneau cover that has been exclusively designed for Tacoma 2016-20 model having a 5’ bed. The supremely affordable ETX Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover from Gator Covers provides total protection to your truck’s bed as well as your luggage. And you can easily install the soft tonneau cover without having to use any tools or drilling holes. All you have to do is clamp the rails onto the bed of the truck for securely installing it on the vehicle.

The heavy-duty and sturdy crossbows and the toughened aluminum framework supporting the tear-resistant polymer cover make the Gator ETX weatherproof. The ETX soft tri-fold cover has been designed painstakingly that makes the tonneau cover aesthetically appealing.

Key Features

  • Customized fit
  • Superior sealing
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Easily foldable both partially and fully
  • Hardy and resilient clamping system
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Fast and smooth installation


  • You just to attach the rails on the truck bed’s upper rim for installing the cover
  • Robust aluminum frame furnishes consistent support to the vinyl cover for better durability and resilience
  • The tough T-handle front and rear clamps can be easily adjusted to sit on the truck bed’s rail
  • Every Gator ETX tonneau cover has been scrupulously designed to fit your Tacoma model
  • You can fold up the cover in sections or entirely as per your needs


  • You may have to buy rails separately for proper and secure installation

​#4) TruXedo TruXport Truck Bed Tonneau Cover by Truxedo

The TruXedo TruXport is a soft roll-up styled tonneau cover that fits perfectly on 16-20 Tacoma models featuring a 5’ truck bed. In case you’re searching for a roll-up soft cover for your Toyota Tacoma that is tear-resistant and can protect your payload, then look no further than the TruXedo TruXport. The TruXport perfectly pairs with paddle latches on either side of the tailgate, enabling you to open or close the cover easily.

Produced from premium leather grain material, the TruXedo TruXport is incredibly sturdy, endures inclement weather, and resists scratches, scrapes, and scuffs. This cover has a minimalist look as it perches 1.5 inches above the upper rim of the truck’s bed, yet matches the Tacoma’s appearance.

Owing to the preset tension control mechanism, this cover remains steady instead of budging or fluttering when you’re driving

Key Features

  • Fully weatherproof
  • Easily installable without drilling
  • Supported by a 5-year warranty
  • Heightens the pickup truck’s aesthetics
  • Extremely durable and sturdy


  • High quality tear-resistant soft tonneau cover fully protects the payload
  • Manufactured from best grade leather-grain material this softcover is supremely durable
  • The preset tension control system keeps the bedcover from flapping or moving
  • You can easily open or close the cover, thanks to the cover’s compatibility with tailgate’s paddle latches


  • You will need tools such as a rubber mallet, ruler, and T30 torque driver bit for proper setup
  • Latching system does not lock into place especially during chilly weather

​#5) MaxMate Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Design patented in the US, the MaxMate Truck Bed Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is companionable with 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable soft bedcover for your 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma with a 5’bed, then go for the MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. This dual-coated cover has been shaped out of marine-grade polymer supported by a framework made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The built-in stainless steel clamps facilitate quick and secure installation.

This cover comes equipped with preset horizontal crossbars that prop up firmly, offering you thorough access to the truck’s bed. You simply need to follow the instructions for mounting and fitting this tonneau cover atop the truck bed. Hardware for mounting the MaxMate Truck Bed Tonneau Cover has been included in the package.

Key Features

  • 10-year trouble-free warranty
  • Can be installed without drilling
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Design patented in the US
  • Dual-coated premium quality vinyl cover
  • Industrial-grade aluminum frame


  • The MaxMate tonneau cover protects your cargo from the elements
  • The bedcover keeps your payload organized
  • Works with both under-the-bedrail and over-the-bedrail Tacoma bed liners
  • Made from top-notch materials; hard-wearing and heavy-duty


  • The overly long toggle locks close to the rear window could holdup cargo items in the bed
  • Latches close to the tailgate do not fold down identically  

​#6) Deebior 1 pc 5 Ft Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Deebior Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bedcover can be installed on all models of 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma. The Deebior 5Ft hard tri-fold truck bedcover is one of the best tonneau covers for Tacoma that you can buy. The cover’s upgraded design is reflected in the quality rubberized seals, hinged caps, and hard polymerized rubber corners, making this Tacoma bedcover completely waterproof. The powder-coated black textured aluminum frame makes this tonneau cover UV resistant and also shields it from grazes, scrapes, and indentations.

The cover sealed with windproof rain strip makes it thoroughly weatherproof, dirt proof, and waterproof. The electrophoretic treatment renders the hardware components highly resistant to corrosion. The lightweight design allows you to dismantle the cover as well as reinstall it smoothly.

For gaining complete access to the truck bed, you just have to fold the cover either from the back or front.     

Key Features

  • Watertight tonneau cover
  • Thoroughly weatherproof
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Lightweight design
  • Spring clamps for easy tethering and releasing
  • LED touch lamp for nighttime visibility


  • Robust and weatherproof tonneau cover furnishes full protection to the payload
  • Adhesive sealing makes this bedcover for tonneau fully waterproof
  • Easy installation: No drilling required
  • Tri-fold cover hinges against the rear of your truck with rubber bumpers for protection


  • Some Tacoma Toyota owners had to struggle while installing this tonneau cover

​#7) Extang Trifecta Toolbox 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Extang Trifecta Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover works with 2020 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Tacoma/Sierra 1500 HD having 8’ bed. The Trifecta Toolbox 2.0 is one of the best soft-folding tonneau covers that you can choose for your Tacoma. Hardware for installing this tonneau cover has been included in the package. The tri-folding profile of this tonneau cover allows you to smoothly install this bedcover as well as fold it up when you need to access your truck’s bed.

This bedcover is very user-friendly as you do not have to assemble components or use drilling for setting it up.

Key Features

  • Works with most standardized 18-20” bed liners of pickup trucks
  • Proprietary L-channel design
  • Adaptable sealing system
  • Glass-filled nylon durable hinges
  • Protective cushioning


  • The good looking cover adds a touch of an aesthete to your vehicle
  • Compatible with full-size trucks having bed lengths of 8’ and 61/2’
  • No drilling or assembly needed for installation
  • Patented L-Channel design and adaptable sealing mechanism facilitate perfect fit


  • The tonneau cover weighs 16.3 kg which may not bolster the vehicle’s aerodynamics

​#8) JJ 5ft Bed for Toyota Tacoma Soft Vinyl Roll up Lock Waterproof Tonneau Cover

The JJ 5Ft Bed Tonneau Cover is companionable with 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. The JJ 5 Ft Soft Tonneau Cover Bed is companionable with all 2016-2020 models of Toyota Tacoma. The cover’s frame has been made of toughened aluminum and features double-sided vinyl tarp, which makes the product resilient and hard-wearing. Other versatile features include low-lying crossbows, tarp connected crossbars, and user-friendly clamps.

Key Features

  • Comes with hardware for installation
  • Soft roll-up vinyl cover
  • Completely waterproof
  • Top mount installation
  • Aluminum rails and frame
  • Double-sided vinyl tarp


  • Three-year warranty against technical defects and craftsmanship
  • Constructed from the tear-resistant dual-sided 24-ounce vinyl tarp
  • Fences and body made from industrial grade aluminum; very hardy
  • Built-in crossbar profile for fast set up and removal


  • Incompatible with vehicles that do not have a factory-fitted rail system

Choosing the Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma: Things to Consider

There are specific factors or aspects you should take into consideration before you start shopping for a tonneau cover appropriate for your Toyota Tacoma model:-

  • Material

Any good quality tonneau cover comes at a price. So, it does not need to be emphasized that you’d want the cover to stay in service as long as possible. Therefore, you should opt for a model that can effectively withstand everyday wear and tear, and endure the elements in the long run.

A tonneau cover constructed from aluminum or fiberglass will cost you more, but you will be able to use it for years on end. On the other hand, tonneau covers made from polymer plastics or delicate PVC tends to be less durable than hard tonneau covers.  

  • Companionability

Before you make up your mind to buy a tonneau cover, make sure the product is compatible with your Tacoma model. Ensuring the cover’s companionability is crucial because of many manufacturers design and produce coverlets exclusively for a select few Tacoma models. Hence, you should doubly ensure that the brand of tonneau cover you have decided to purchase is compatible with your Tacoma model.

  • Weight of tonneau cover and bed size

Your investment will go down the drain if you find that the tonneau cover does not fit on your Tacoma’s bed. Note down the dimensions of the foundation of your pickup lorry and make sure the measurements match with your chosen tonneau cover.

Do not get frustrated if you see that the size of the truck’s bed does not correspond with the tonneau cover you have in mind. Tonneau covers are available in a wide range of sizes, and you can rest assured that a specific type will tally with your Tacoma. In this regard, ensure that you check out both hardcover and softcover models to establish compatibility.

The best hard tonneau covers for Tacoma will weigh more than the softcover models. While choosing the correct size of Tonneau cover for your vehicle, make sure the product’s weight does not adversely influence the vehicle’s mobility.

  • Warranty & price

Your affordability is undoubtedly the most important factor that will influence the type of product you ultimately purchase. The covers will be more expensive than products made from low-grade materials. However, this generalization does not imply you’ll have to break the bank for buying a high-quality tonneau cover.

You’ll surely come across numerous competitively priced models that have been built, keeping in mind the aspect of durability. All Tacoma tonneau cover reviews you go through, recommend you to compare and contrast the prices of at least 5-6 quality products. While analyzing the costs of the different models, see to it that you also check out the warranty period offered by manufacturers.

You never know when your tonneau cover gets damaged or suffers a breakdown. If the damage happens within the warranty period guaranteed by the manufacturer, you know that you’re covered.


  • How to Measure a Tonneau Cover?

 All tonneau covers for Tacoma are not created equal; you’ll first need to measure the product so that it fits perfectly. Alternatively, you can measure the dimensions of your truck’s bed before proceeding to buy an appropriate tonneau cover. It is very crucial that you doubly ensure the bed type of your pickup truck-whether it is sidestepping, extended or regular.

After that, measure the bed’s vertical length –from the tailgate up to the bulkhead or vice versa. Next, measure the horizontal width or the breadth of the open bed from end to the other. Finally, convert these measurements into metric feet and tally the same with the tonneau cover you’re thinking of purchasing.

If you’ve selected a soft tonneau cover, then it will have Velcro strips that you’ll attach to the upper rim of the truck bed. Alternatively, the best hard tonneau covers come equipped with a recessed T-handle and a shaft lock system for connecting to the rim of the truck’s bed.

  • Which are the best tonneau cover brands for Tacoma?

Talking about the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, Tacoma aficionados and enthusiasts demonstrate a steadfast loyalty towards specific brands. Some of the tonneau cover brands that are hugely popular with Tacoma buffs include Gator, RetraxONE, Tyger, North Mountain, Extang Trifecta, Truxedo TruXport, and BakFlip.

  • Are tonneau covers for Tacoma durable?

Yes, the best tonneau covers for Tacoma tend to be extremely durable and resilient. And if you take good care of your tonneau cover, it might even remain in service for a lifetime. That said, also, if you drive the Toyota Tacoma regularly, you can rest assured that the tonneau cover will last for years on end, provided it is well-maintained.

In this context, it is worth noting that you can mend or repair the damaged section of your tonneau cover, thereby improving its longevity.

  • Is it true that a tonneau cover can improve mileage?

A tonneau cover enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of your Tacoma pickup truck, thanks to the cover’s innovative design. The tonneau cover is designed, keeping in mind the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The aerodynamically designed tonneau cover decreases or lessens the drag on the truck occurring due to its open bed, thereby enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Theoretically speaking, the tonneau cover contributes towards boosting the vehicle’s mileage by enabling it to use up lesser fuel as it carries cargo. But in reality, whatever you save upfront on fuel, in the long run, will be offset by the tonneau cover’s cost.

  • Does the tonneau cover for my Tacoma have a robust locking system?

No matter whichever brand of Tonneau cover you buy for your Tacoma, it will inevitably come with a locking system. The locking system allows you to adequately secure the tonneau cover to the vehicle’s bed so that the latter does not come off while you’re driving. However, the locking mechanism differs from one model to the other.

The soft tonneau covers, by and large, have built-in Velcro strips on the underside that you can easily access at the tailgate.  

Final Words

We have reviewed eight best tonneau covers for Tacoma belonging to well-known brands like Tyger, BAK, Gator Covers, and so on. All the reviewed tonneau cover models should work with your Toyota Tacoma model. However, we recommend you double-check the compatibility of the bedcover before you purchase.

The affordable tonneau covers that did the primary job of offering protection to your payload include Tyger Auto, Gator, MaxMate, and JJ. And if you can afford the high-end bedcovers, then go for BAK or Deebior.

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