Step by Step Guide for Changing Car Seat Covers

Guide for Changing Car Seat Covers
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​There is no denying that knowing how to take out your old car seat covers and installing new ones is extremely important in car maintenance and care. Car seat covers eventually fall prey to dust, dirt and stains. Having expertise in changing your car seat covers will help you save a lot of money, effectively providing you with quality time to examine the needs of your vehicle.

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide for changing car seat covers, it is important to know how often you should change them.

How Often Should You Change Your Car Seats?

Car seats only last for 5-7 years after manufacturers make them in the factory. In fact, you can check your car seats’ expiration date in the manual of your vehicle. It is very crucial to bear in mind that as car seats usually last this long, you should hold onto car seat covers for this long as well.

According to a majority of auto-repair shops, you should replace your car seat covers changed at least once every 18 months for maintenance purposes or if some other, urgent need comes up. That includes foul smell and peeling or fading colors. If you reside in a location where the weather conditions change continuously, mold may very easily grow inside your car seat covers’ edges. This would stain the covers and make them less sterile and hygienic.

There are plenty of reasons to change your car seat covers, but it is primarily owing to car maintenance, such as protecting the original upholstery of the car and extending the car seats’ life.

You can find the detailed guidelines for changing your car seat covers in your vehicle manual.  However, do not fret if, for some reason, you do not have your manual or feel that its instructions are slightly complicated for you to follow. We have the perfect solution for you!

The following are simple steps you can easily follow to remove and install new seat covers in your car

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Pulling Out Your Previous Car Seat Covers

The first step for removing the covers of your car seat is unbuckling the chest and harness clip. Begin with the headrest if you want to follow a more methodical way of taking out your old car seat covers.

  • Remove the shoulder pads and buckle
  • Next, open up the Velcro on the headrest cover’s both sides
  • Pull out the headrest cover very carefully and store it in a place that is safe and dry

After you have removed the headrest cover, you can carry on with the car seat cover.

  • Step 1: You will find buttons on both sides of your car’s seat covers. Press them.
  • Step 2: Detach the snaps near the handle on either side of the car seat cover.
  • Step 3: Pull out canopy from the shell canal. When you are done,  stretch or fully extend the canopy
  • Step 4: From the back shell, remove the three canopy snaps.
  • Step 5: Remove the covers of the seat from the top now that you have detached the snaps.
  • Step 6: Carefully, remove the cover of the seat around the belt guides
  • Step 7: In order to completely remove the seat cover, pull it out through the buckle.
  • Step 8: Wash with leather conditioner or mild soap and ensure that the seat covers are dried properly.
  • Step 9: If you are going to replace the cover of the car seat altogether, keep the old ones in someplace dry.

At the point, you have safely removed your old car seat covers. Now, you have to install new ones.

Putting on New Car Seat Covers

Make sure that you do not begin installing the headrests first. Keep in mind the precise steps in which you pulled them out and reverse these steps for installation at a later point.

You are now ready to install the rest of your car seat covers. Follow these steps to install new car seat covers in your vehicle.

  • Wrap the back piece of your seat cover over the back of the seat. Ensure that the seams of the cover match the contours of the seat.
  • Use seat snaps or Velcro to tuck the car seat covers through the crease of the seat. Secure the covers on the backside.
  • After you install the back piece, slide the bottom one over the lower cushion of the car seat. Similar to the first step, ensure that the seams of the cover match the seat contours.
  • Next, tuck the car seat cover through crease and tie-up the snaps from the front to the back cover. Connect straps to the back and tighten these straps till they properly fit.
  • The final step in installing new car seat covers is to slide headrest covers in their position and place back the headrests into your car seats.
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Summing it Up

Whether you use your car for adventures, long drives, family trips, or to carry groceries back from the supermarket, car seat covers tend to become scruffy after a period of time. Even if they do not, replacing car seat covers is a large part of maintaining your car and its auto hygiene. Hence, you should have the covers changed every 18 months or so. Make sure that you follow the aforementioned steps in a chronological manner so that you do not waste your precious time. You will be able to follow these guidelines perfectly if you are familiar (to some extent) with your car seat parts and upholstery.

It is vital that you learn how to change car seat covers all by yourself. In that way, you do not have to spend money engaging an auto-shop’s services to get the job done.