How to Get More Horsepower on a Ford Ranger

How to Get More Horsepower on a Ford
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The Ford Ranger’s abilities have significantly improved since the popular car manufacturer released the model. At first, the vehicle accompanied an 80-horsepower and 2.3-liter four-cylinder motor. Every year's models have consistently improved, with the 2020 Ranger offering a ground-breaking 5.0-liter V8 motor with a great 355 or 395 horsepower. There is still an opportunity to get better, and more noteworthy strength abilities and increase your truck's exhibition, and its mileage also. Here are some of the steps if you need to know how to get more horsepower on a Ford Ranger.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Motor Oil

Firstly, you should use high-quality motor oil that contains the correct grade. Choosing a motor oil is important as this represents your truck’s performance and life. You cannot use just any motor oil for your Ford ranger, as this will affect your vehicle. You can choose between various options on the market. 5W-20 is perfect for your Ford Rangers. Most people think that including additives in your motor oil is more effective; however, the reality is totally opposite.

Step 2 – Upgrade Air Filters

You should replace the air filter for your Powerstroke with the filter with higher flow, such as K&N filters. You need to specifically purchase air filters for your model of Ford Ranger as different air filters are required for different models and years. This will filter the air properly and allow greater airflow. You should avoid any other ordinary filter as it may contain minimum protection of your Ranger from dust and dirt, which is stored on the fan of the motors, dirt collecting surfaces, and heat exchangers.


Step 3 – Replace Oil Filter

You should replace the oil filter with a high-grade filter for your Ford Ranger so that it provides a high flow rate of oil. There are many good oil filter options from K&N that will work best in your Ford Rangers. Many truck owners are not aware of how important oil filters are. Retail clerks, mechanics, quick-lube operators, installers, and owner’s manual, all show different suggestions. However, as considering oil and filters, the customized answer is the right one. People are not the same and neither their requirements. Furthermore, every person has his own driving skills and faces different driving conditions. Not everyone needs the same filter. This means that if you are using an oil filter in your old vehicle, you can’t use the same filter for your ranger.

Step 4 – Use Suitable Gasoline

You should only use the recommended gasoline so that the performance and the compression in your Rangers engine improve. Regular unleaded is one of the best options for gas that you should consider for your Ford Ranger. Buying cheap gasoline will only save you instant cash, but you will suffer after some time as low-quality gas will start damaging the engine. If you are using the cheap gasoline, the fuel injection system will clog as inhibiting deposits will collect. Hence, you need to spend a lot of money to repair it.

Step 5 – Motorvac Service is Important

You should perform a Motorvac service from your local mechanic. After the engine is cleaned, it improves the performance of your engine on a higher level. This method of removing all the carbon contents also improves the mileage. In just a few minutes, your vehicle’s performance will improve. If the air filter is not efficient, the carbon will also build upon the furl filters.

Step 6 – Replace Camshaft

Also, remove the camshaft and replace it with the compression ratio. You can upgrade all the camshaft for your Ford Rangers, such as camshaft, camshaft, and crane cams.

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Step 7 – Upgrade the Air Intake System

Upgrade the air intake system. When you upgrade the intake, it will increase the airflow, which helps you breathe better in your Ford Ranger. If your intake piping is better, this will improve the performance of the engine and reduce the air resistance. You can choose a cold intake system from K&N, as these are the best. This change will not only affect the horsepower but also improve the fuel economy, acceleration, and torque of your Ford Ranger.

Step 8 – Upgrading the Muffler

Not just intake, you want a better and larger muffler to maintain the airflow of the Ranger outwards. Flowmaster is one of the best and high-quality mufflers that you can install in your Ranger. You need to consult with the mechanic so that he can choose the perfect muffler for you, depending on the year and model of your Ford Ranger. Also, enlarge your exhaust pipe to reduce the air pressure and resistance when the air exits the engine.


Now you know how to get more horsepower on a Ford Ranger. Just as you can see, improving the horsepower of your Ford Ranger is not a big deal; you just need some replacements, as mentioned above, to give your truck a free hand. The steps mentioned above are perfect for all the Ford trucks that work on hard duty. This way, you won’t only enjoy the company’s manufactured horsepower but extend it according to your need. In the end, when we talk about increasing the horsepower, we cannot neglect to change ford brake pad, as this can be dangerous.