Tonneau Covers vs. Canopies: What’s the difference?

Tonneau Covers vs. Canopies What’s the difference
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If you own a pickup, there’s a good likelihood that you use the vehicle mostly for transporting cargo. Many pickup owners also use the car for hauling essential supplies to camping grounds and sites while undertaking camping trips. Vehicle owners either use the best tonneau covers for tacoma or the perfect roof rack for 4runner or a canopy.

A pickup canopy or tonneau cover comes in perfectly handy for protecting your valuable cargo from the elements and also from pilferage. While some pickup drivers and motorists use a tonneau cover for enveloping the pickup’s bed, others opt for a canopy or both. The type of goods you’re transporting determines whether you’d use a tonneau cover or a canopy for your Toyota Tacoma.

More often than not, opting for a tonneau cover instead of a canopy or vice-versa is a matter of personal choice. Regardless of whether you choose a canvas shell or a detachable tonneau cover for your pickup’s bed, both have their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s review and compare the two types of trucks or pickup bed’s covering based on specific aspects.

  • Versatility

When it comes to versatility or functionality, canopies have a distinct edge over tonneau covers. A pickup canopy or truck cap furnishes you with more room for packing your cargo compared to tonneau covers. You can stack up and pack a considerable quantity of goods in your truck’s bed, and secure them with a canvas, thanks to its flexibility. Tonneau covers do not offer you the convenience that canopies do as the former cannot be folded or rolled up like the latter.

However, nowadays, the tonneau covers for Tacoma or 4Runner are designed innovatively, which renders them retractable or foldable. Then again, installing a tonneau cover is more complicated and delicate compared to a canopy. Conversely, a canopy’s hardiness and large size make it remarkably versatile, but it can be challenging to carry or store.

Tonneau covers are surely more flexible than canopies as far as ease of transportability or storage is concerned. 

  • Ease of Set up

Almost all pickup owners will agree that installing a canopy is more comfortable in comparison to a tonneau cover. By and large, you can set up a tonneau cover on your own while you may need professional help for installing a canopy. You’ll struggle to establish a canopy independently owing to its hefty size, unlike a tonneau cover.

If you need to remove the bed cover of your pickup time and again, then it makes more sense to buy a tonneau cover. 

Tonneau Covers vs. Canopies
  • Aesthetics

A tonneau cover helps boost the overall aesthetic appeal of a pickup or a truck. No wonder you’re more likely to spot an SUV or a pickup featuring a tonneau cover rather than a canopy. Though the appearance of a vehicle may not matter to some vehicle owners, the majority prefer a tonneau cover.

If functionality matters more to you than looks on the whole, then a canopy is the way to go. There are numerous benefits of installing an awning on your pickup truck’s bed. For a start, a canopy allows you to pack up more items or goods in your truck bed than tonneau covers.

A tonneau cover sits completely even or flat on the upper edge of your pickup’s bed. Unlike a canopy, tonneau covers are not flexible and sit tight while you’re driving. So, you cannot extend or expand a tonneau cover to pack in a large number of goods while taking a trip. On the other hand, canopies could make your pickup appear like an SUV rather than a truck or lorry.

Additionally, you’ll struggle to zero in on a canopy model that perfectly gels with your pickup’s design and color. So if aesthetics is your primary concern, then buy a tonneau cover, and if the functionality is more important, purchase canopy. 

  • Reviews and Testimonials

There is no gainsaying that both tonneau covers and truck caps or canopies are popular with pickup truck owners. If you research on the net, you’ll find several e-commerce sites promoting and retailing tonneau covers and pickup canopies. If you scroll down to the bottom of the landing page of a website selling pickup bed caps, you’ll see customers’ feedbacks and reviews.

Go through the testimonials and reviews to establish whether a tonneau cover or a canopy will be more suitable for you.